Want to get a glimpse of heaven? Well, in that case you will have to plan a trip to Niagara Falls sometime soon. Noted for being hands down the most beautiful and fascinating waterfall in the country, the term actually refers to a collective name of three waterfalls - Horseshoe falls, American falls and Bridal Veil falls. The water falls are located in between the United States and Canada in New York and the Ontario. It is believed that the falls formed after the melting of the last ice age. The Niagara waterfalls have long been the pinnacle destination for waterfall lovers all over the globe, and if you count yourself among them, then  make sure to take the once in a lifetime trip to these falls yourself. 

What can you do there?
There are lots of ways to have fun at Niagara falls. You can view the gorgeous water falls from the observation centers present there. The beauty of the sparkling water can be felt explicitly, and as an enthusiastic visitor you can even take a boat tour from specified stations, one that loops behind the water falls themselves.
More inspirations while you visit the area
Apart from the waterfalls, there are many other attractions at the location that provide a sweet visual treat to the areas guests. Make sure to visit the the Board walk,  The Niagara Sky wheel and the White water walk etc and triple down on the joy of your vacation. You will also come by a Marine land Theme park that is located close to the waterfalls. At the park you can view water creatures and marine life close up and personal, and as with most major parks of the sort, the major attractions are the Dolphins and whales.
About the waterfalls
The Niagara waterfalls are located at a height of fifty one meters, and that’s certainly a quite a memorable height to note for the adventurous traveler. When it comes to  water falls, the greater the height, the greater the delight, and it's no wonder these falls give a splendid experience to the visitors. There are hundreds of years of history to breath in along with the mist of the falls, and a satisfying experience is virtually guaranteed.

Best time to visit the Niagara waterfalls
For a mesmerizing water fall experience, make sure to plan your visit during the Spring, Summer and the Autumn. Out of these, the summer is the most convenient time as the temperatures are moderate in Northern NY state. Spring and Autumn can also be popular times to visit, however the weather can be quite unpredictable, unlike the standardized summers.
One thing is for certain, visits during the winter are to be strictly avoided as because of the heavy snowfall,  various areas are often shut down completely due to heavy blizzard conditions and snow cover,  and you most likely will not be able to enjoy the falls to the fullest.
The Niagara waterfalls will impart beautiful memories in the minds of their visitors, and they will undoubtedly give you a cool experience during summer.