Planning for a vacation? Well, why not give Athens a thought! Athens, the capital city of Greece is one of the top Vacation Inspirations on bucket lists across the globe. also the largest city in the Greece. On your visit, delve deep into the rich and glorious past of the city. The city is one among of the oldest cities present in the world having a history of more than three thousand years. Named after the goddess Athena, the stories reveal that the Athena and Poseidon fought each other to become patrons of the city and finally named them after their names. It is believed that the city of Poseidon has gifted them with the naval power whereas the Athena has given them olive trees. Thus it was said that the olives are accepted and it is named after the goddess.
Besides having a glorious past, it also carves a niche for its attractions. It is noted for its beautiful modern buildings, museums and many more. Today,  the city has a population of more than three millions. 

Ways to reach the city
All set to leave for Athens? Well, in that case you need to first know the transportation options that the city has. If you are an international traveler, then you can count on the flight services that operate to and fro from the city. The International Airport present in the city is a most popular airport in the Europe. Locals can go for the railway services.  After all, the railway services even though not so developed when compared to other cities of the state, is strong enough to meet the requirement of the people. The city will not disappoint you when it comes to traveling, you can also enter the city through the water ways. Additionally, the city is also connected well internally via all the modes of transport like metros, buses, trams etc are well developed that enable you surf the city with ease.
Best time to visit
Before embarking on vacation inspirations of any variety, you should first decide on the time that seems most favorable for your personal desires. For a pleasurable journey, this is of immense impotance. The late spring and the early summer are the best times to visit the city. So, you can plan your travel somewhere during the months of May, June and July. The winter and summer seasons are no way the perfect times to visit the city as  duringthe winter its s too cold and rains heavily. On the other hand, why we refrain you from making a travel during the summers because they are too hot and the dust storms are quite likely.
Culture and the Traditions
The true essence of a city lies in its diverse culture and traditions. The city is home to various cultures and traditions and carves a niche for its rich and diversified cultures. The people of the city are warm hearted and are very friendly in nature, so there will be no dearth of hospitality on your visit. You can also be a part of their cultural and traditional activities and witness some valuable festivities. Some of the important festivals celebrated by the people are given below.
·         The festival Ypapanti is celebrated usually in the early February. Local markets would be held during the fest.
·         In the March the Kite festival is celebrated where the kites are flown in the beaches and hills.
·         On the first of May every year the Feast of Flowers would be celebrated with picnics in the countryside.
·         A three day music festival called “European Music day” would be held mostly around 21st of June.
·         Many other important and interesting fests are held in the city.

A good hotel or resort stay adds value to your vacation. The city is empowered with budget hotels as well the luxurious five star hotel properties. So whether you are on a lavish tour or on a strict budget, you are sure to find accommodation of all types. The rich can enjoy the best services here and the latter can enjoy the best budget services. Food is also available both at lower as well as higher budgets. So regardless of the budget associated with this particular vacation inspiration, Greece will be a winner for you either way.


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