Southern Vacation Inspirations

Conde Nast Traveler has recently released its 2013 list of friendliest cities in the USA, and travel enthusiasts with a pension for historical destinations will not be surprised to see Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia topping the list, ranking #1 and #3 respectively.

Both are home to satellite offices for Vacation Inspirations, and are not only blessed with rich history, compelling architecture, they have each etched their way into recognition as highly sought after southern tourist destinations. Due to their relatively close proximity on the east coast, combination Charleston/Savannah getaways are increasing in popularity, but with so much to see and do in either location, its not easy to determine the best itinerary for such a bundled vacation package. For those time constrained travelers looking to absorb the most from both cities, we have summarized some of the most popular tourist activities available for each of these sister cities of the south.

Charleston Vacations

Plantations - Beautiful classic southern plantations are one of the major must see's when in Charleston - on a short trip it's unlikely you will be able to visit them all, but choose from Boone Hall Plantation, Middleton or Magnolia Plantation for an equally unforgettable experience - there is not a bad option among them.

Old City Market - In the heart of the downtown Charleston historic district you don't miss the old city Market - where you will find all sorts of memorabilia and hand made crafts. Of particular interest to many are the beautiful hand woven baskets, but do not expect to bring one home on the cheap, as some of the larger ones come with price tags that can put a dent in even the deepest of pockets.

Patriots Point Naval Museum - Just a short drive across the bridge to Mount Pleasant, SC and you have a perhaps once in a lifetime opportunity to board and explore an aircraft carrier, the USS Yorktown, which now permanently functions as a stationary maritime museum.

Carriage Ride through the Battery - There is no better way to experience the most grand and visually stunning southern architecture of Charlestons romantic battery area than horseback. The ambiance of a carriage ride is an ideal, and you will find a number of companies offering this service, with the carriages lining city market. Note - make sure to board your carriage ride prior to 5pm, while the rides continue into the evening, after 5pm city ordinances prevent the carriages from entering the battery area - so the night rides feature an alternate, and arguably less desirable route.

Savannah Vacations:

Historic Squares - The city of Savannah was designed in meticulous and, for the time, remarkable fashion. Engineering students still study the layout even today -  which includes 24 unique squares lined by mossy oaks and adorned with unique statues and monuments to history are the biggest draw to the host cites of the South.

Homes and Churches Museums - Historic homes now converted to museums and religiously significant churches which run the full gamut of faiths and denominations are big parts of Savannah's allure, the totality of history found in the city's landmark historic district is truly staggering - it is the largest historic district in the country and among the most widely publicized Vacation Inspirations drawing millions to Savannah each year.

Ghost Tours - Savannah has the eerie distinction of being both the most romantic, and most haunted city in the county. While a carriage ride or paddle boat ride might satisfy one's taste for the former, over 20 competing companies vie for the chance to convince you of the latter. Ghost tours in Savannah are big business and in this city, it's just as common for tourists to leave with an original ghost photo as it is in most place for them to leave with a tacky T shirt. Be warned - this place is haunted indeed.
 So make the most of Savannah Georgia and Charleston South Carolina during a combination vacation, if that is your intent - they are both Vacation Inspirations worth having.


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