Myrtle Beach in the winter, before the Summer Madness hits.

Myrtle Beach South Carolina is the top vacation destination on all of the east coast of the United States, and with good reason, its ideal geographical location puts more than half the population of the country within a days drive of this summer travel Mecca.

For those with a vacation inspiration to visit Myrtle Beach ts best to think of the area not as a singular destination, but a entire region, because South Carolina's "Grand Strand" encompasses more than 60 miles of warm sandy idyllic beachfront. At the southern end of the Grand Strand lies Murrels Inlet, a historic fishing village famous for its seafood and marsh walk, with Cherry Grove and North Myrtle beach playing grand strand gatekeepers to the north, and Myrtle Beach itself .

Where you choose to stay will depend on your personal preferences and vacation goals. The north end of the Grand Strand is just as packed in the summer months as Myrtle Beach, but it offers a best variety of high end lodging, the finer restaurants, the best high end shopping, and beaches pleasantly void of some of the "party elements" that Myrtle Beach proper can attract. It's also home to the majority of the areas golf courses.

Myrtle Beach itself is the best option for families with children, and its unmatched assortment of family activities is superb. From the wonder of Ripley's Aquarium to a good scare at year round haunted houses, amusement parks, water parks, and the boardwalk and downtown "strip" area which is littered with all manner of things your kids will be driving you crazy to buy - including airbrush T shirts and henna tattoos to name just a couple. The strip is loosely defined as the area between 10th ave. N and 2nd ave. S - with the heart of the action and the start of the boardwalk located between 9th and 10th ave N.

Murrels Inlet is best for those couples that want to avoid all the crowds and action of Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach - after all, they are only a short drive away, right? Unbeatable seafood and ta unique small town feel that is lost in the action north of Murrels Inlet are the draws to this southern section of the strand.

If Myrtle Beach South Carolina is one of the vacation inspirations that you plan to see to fruition, please note that if you have never been to the area before, the roads can be very confusing. Make sure you know exactly where your hotel is located or you could be in for a surprise. For example, you look briefly at your confirmation for your stay and make a mental note that your resort is on 16th ave. Well, Myrtle Beach has a 16th ave North and a 16th ave South, North Myrtle Beach has a 16th ave North and 16th ave South, and just for kicks, just a couple miles south of Myrtle lies Surfside Beach, which also has a 16th ave South.

Do your homework and you will have a great time in Myrtle Beach - Vacation Inspiration #227
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